Sea Salt Spray.

Hey y’all! This summer I have been absolutely loving sea salt spray. *disclaimer* – I am no hair expert, but I’ve just been loving this product and wanted to share “le love”! I hate spending time on my hair (ain’t nobody got time for that)… and because my hair is short there isn’t much to do with […]

The End of my Trip of a Life Time: Pisa, Florence and Rome

Well I am home now. I can’t believe this trip of a life time is over and it’s back to school and work for me. But I am also so happy that I conquered this trip and this fear. It’s weird but I feel almost invincible but maybe that will go away. I conquered my […]

10 Things I’m Looking Forward To

Sorry for not posting in a while. I had a very stressful and busy couple of weeks, plus it didn’t help that I then had a few panic attacks to top it all off! Over the years it hasn’t gotten any easier to deal with them (any of you got some tips or tricks?) Anyway […]

Summer Plans: Italy!

Hello there, I have an amazing announcement, which I’m sure you already know what it is, from the title! Well it is finalized and I’m going to Italy this summer. This is one of my greatest fears that I’m sure a lot of people can relate to. Travelling alone can be very frightening but I […]