The Stress to Succeed.

We all encounter some sort of post-secondary education or the stress that comes with trying to succeed. But what happens what that seems impossible?


Setting Goals & Getting Back on Track.

Hey hey! Recently I’ve be off track with eating healthy and working out. I found that because I had one major goal that always seemed so far away my motivation slowly slowly disappeared. So I had to get back on track! And the only way I could think of doing this is by making small […]


All I can say is WOW! Right when I stepped out of the train station I was hit with the wave of surreal-ness that came with visiting Venice. Venice is really built on water! – you are always told that but it really is built on water. Here a few photos but definitely not all of […]

International Adventures

Well the time has come folks…I leave for Italy tomorrow! I am just a little ball of emotions and feels right now. Since it is so close to the time it has become so obvious how different it feels to say that I will do something and then actually doing it.  I was so excited […]

How To: Stay Motivated

My hopes were always clear but the motivation is always lacking. Over the years I discovered ways that can keep me motivated that I hope will help you too. 1. Resolution or Goals. One of the hugest things that made me motivated is when I changed my resolutions. Don’t choose the generic “I’m going to […]

Self Confidence & Motivation.

Ever since I was a teenager I have always had self-confidence issues, which in turn affects my motivation and independence. I wanted to start this “segment” where I can give people out there, who are also going through this, a type of inspiration, motivation and an understanding to these situations. In this post, I don’t want readers to […]