50 Facts About Me.

Here is 50 facts about me. I really want you to know a little about me!

1. when I was little I got a thistle in my eye. I had a eye patch for a week. (arrrr matey)
2. for a couple summers I worked at Chapman’s Ice Cream factory. Believe me, making ice cream isn’t as excited as it sounds. It was 12 hour night shifts!
3. I have never broken any bones.
4. I was in university for nursing for two years before I switched.
5. I have been to France 3 or 4 times. Love it there!
6. I love the outdoors and I have been camping since I was out of diapers. Love it, and it is the only way for my to truly be calm. –Yes, this is me. Carrying a canoe.Yes, this is me. Carrying a canoe.

7. I am a closeted nerd. I went to science school at the Ontario Science Centre and just love science. I been told I have brains, so might as well use it!
8. I always wanted but was never allowed to have a pet that required a cage (e.g. hamster).
9. I clogged for like 10 years. It is a kind of tap dance. Very cool, indeed.
10. I am a huge hopeless romantic. Even after never having a long-term relationship and have only been betrayed by men. So yah…
11. Favourite book is Pride and Prejudice. I read it at least once a year.
12. I’m a choco-holic!
13. I knit.
14. I’m a home body. I love being home.
15. And…when I am home, I’m in my pajamas. ALL THE TIME!
— Me and my roommate, being as cool as can be!

16. I have only just become slightly allergic to shittake mushrooms.
17. I still love the idea of presents and Christmas. I especially love receiving them, but I also like giving them.
18. I am addicted to TV shows. Any show that I start, I have to finish.
19. Going along with the presents, I love surprises. Any surprise mean so much!
20. I think I’m a Italian at heart…I love pasta, bread, and pizza. AND WINE!
21. I can remember all my dreams.
22. I am a huge scardey-cat! I can get so scared at horror movies that a shake and cry! Where as my best friends can laugh and not care…I wish I was them.
23. I love musicals. Sound of Music, Mamma Mia, Wizard of Oz…you name it!
24. My bigger brother wanted to call me “Telephone” when I was a baby. My other option for a name was going to be Molly.
25. My middle name is Moss. My parents named all my siblings after wilderness things. They were hippies. My bothers middle names are Cedar and Heron.
26. My favourite season is fall. Mostly because my birthday is in the fall (my second favourite “holiday”)!
27. I have no idea about the future. Since changing my path with university has left me with no plans. So yes, I have a world of possibilities but that can also be overwhelming.
28. I am a Libra. But I don’t know what that means about my personality…
29.I love every genre of music. Pop, Rap, Country, Metal…you name it!
30. I am very introverted. I am shy but when I get to know you, I open up.
31. I suffer from anxiety. It is sometimes not too bad but sometimes can be really bad and debilitating.
32. Me and my roommates have theme songs for every year we have been friends.
33. I have never experienced a hangover. I guess I can really hold my alcohol.
34. My nickname is Gwynger or any variations of that. Whatever my friends are feeling at the moment, really…
35. I don’t have any tattoos. Mostly because I’m scared I would regret it.
— well until now, I now have a triangle on my foot. A symbol for delta or ever-changing.
36. I love scruff (or the ability for scruff) on boys.
37. I cry at every movie. And I mean at every movie.
38. I say a lot of little white lies. I hate it, and I’m stopping (that is not a lie, I promise)
39. I love tea or any sugary coffee. I can’t stand strong coffee, or just black coffee.
40. I used to ride horses. I lived in the country, but not a farm so I ride my neighbours horses, and went to horse camp.
41. I am very short-tempered and definitely live up to the red-headed stereotypes.
42. I believe and trust everyone.
43. In my family we have a pattern of pet names. For cats we name them after major figures in history and our dogs are named after geographical areas or explorers. Our cats names have been William (after William of Orange) and Bou (after Boudica – a celtic warrior princess). And our dogs names have been Frobisher, Hudson and Islay.
44. I hate nail polish. I wear it sometimes but it just chips instantly and I hate it!
45. I have hot flashes all the time, but I swear I hope I’m not going through menopause yet.
46. One of my secret passions is planning. I love being organized and planning. Maybe I will follow that with a job, no idea…
47. I love cooking, but only for other people. I’m so lazy when it comes to me.
48. I love dancing. It’s an easy way to feel happy if anything is getting me down. When I’m sad my friends will tell me to shut up and dance and then we’ll have a dance party!
49. I am always bad at hair. Maybe it’s because I don’t feel like I have the patience to do it well.
50. I have loved having a blog. It has been a good outlet and a good way to talk. I hope you like it too!


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