Setting Goals & Getting Back on Track.

Hey hey!

Recently I’ve be off track with eating healthy and working out. I found that because I had one major goal that always seemed so far away my motivation slowly slowly disappeared.

So I had to get back on track! And the only way I could think of doing this is by making small and reasonable goals so I can actually reach them…

and I want to share them with you! YAH!


I found that through this “journey” goals are the only thing that keep me going.

I wanted to focus on three areas: Healthy Eating, Exercise and Mental Wellness
and I want short, medium and long term goals or Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY make goals that you can (for sure) reach!

“Control what you can control”

That means: avoid weight goals. I always fluctuate weights so I can’t control what weight my body will be.

That also means: make lifestyle goals. These goals should be something that can be made into a lifestyle. Once you reach them don’t move on to the next goal. Keep going – conquer!

Finally, this means: make realistic goals OBVIOUSLY!

And…that is all!

I feel proud of my goals. I really thought about them and feel that they are reasonable, for sure!

chart blog

So if you are feeling lost – like you are trying so hard but never feel like you’re accomplishing anything. MAKE GOALS!

Picture a little Edna Mode on your shoulder saying:

“Go, confront the problem. Fight! Win!”

I believe in you – and let me know what your goals are!




2 thoughts on “Setting Goals & Getting Back on Track.

  1. Same here hahahahaha. I’m too lazy to go to the gym to be honest :/
    I’ve nominated you to the The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Awards. You can check the details on my blog you you want to

    Bea xx.

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