Sea Salt Spray.

Hey y’all!

This summer I have been absolutely loving sea salt spray.

*disclaimer* – I am no hair expert, but I’ve just been loving this product and wanted to share “le love”!

I hate spending time on my hair (ain’t nobody got time for that)… and because my hair is short there isn’t much to do with it anyway.

So sea salt spray is my saviour!


I heard about Bumble and Bumble from my friend and decided to try it out. Although I am no expert, I am happy with this product. It just gives my hair the little bit of texture that it needs.

Just spray it into my damp hair and scrunch…voila!

Photo on 2014-08-01 at 17.54.jpg

Personally, I was nervous to use sea salt spray because all I could imagine was crunchy and stiff hair…but surprisingly my hair feels normal.

Have you ever tried sea salt spray?
What do you think of it?




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