Getting Ready for some Summer Lovin’

I’m back from my holiday and I feel like I am finally settled back into my routines with work and life, so I think it’s time that I set my summer goal.

Last summer it was independence. And of course I don’t think this can ever be truly accomplished but by the end of the summer I felt like I conquered it. I lived by myself in Ottawa for the first time without my roommates, I started a new job and I started working out and going to the gym by myself, which I never felt comfortable to do before (my whole gym story is here).

Independence, and even confidence, is so important to be able to conquer and accomplish other goals and so I’m really looking forward to this summer and conquering some new goals by the time school starts again.

This past school year I have changed so much physically and mentally since I have started to go to the gym regularly but I always feel like there is something holding me back from reaching my full potential, and that is what I want to fix this summer.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg.jpg

Eating healthy has always been a huge problem with me. I can work out as much as I want but if I don’t work on over coming my bad eating habits none of that will matter. I want to be fit and tone for me and my confidence. Since regularly working out I have felt that confidence increase immensely but I’m not where I want to be yet. I feel like conquering my unhealthy eating habits will allow me to reach my physical potential and feel more confident in myself.

Starting on this path to start eating healthier I felt like I had to decide why exactly I wanted to this. And I finally decided it wasn’t because I wanted to lose weight specifically, but it was more because I wanted learn habits that I can use for the rest of my life. I want to fall back in love with cooking and change my mind set on food. I see food as comfort and so I eat way too much and because I cook for one, usually after a long day at school, I cook simple meals that aren’t the healthiest. So, I want to learn about eating healthy so that I can carry this skill for the rest of my life.

So I have a couple of ideas that will kick start my reaching my summer goal. Firstly, I have joined Weight Watchers. Again, I didn’t join to lose weight but I think that the Weight Watcher’s program is a great way for me to learn healthy eating and controlling the unhealthy habits. After the program has ended I hope that I will enjoy cooking again and not dread meals and food. So far, it is going well and that makes me confident that this will be perfect for me to start a new way of living.

Secondly, and maybe a little less important than the first, I started an herb garden on my balcony. Not only do I hope this will make me feel more involved in my cooking but I think it will also allow me to see how beautiful growing food can be. I don’t know, I’m kinda excited to use my own herbs in my cooking and that’s pretty cool!

I would love your advice and comments about this. How do you make sure you eat healthy? Please let me know, I would greatly appreciate any advice!

Wish me luck!


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