Travelling Alone.

As you may have noticed from my last couple blog posts, I have just come back from Italy. I decided to go because last summer I really wasn’t happy or even proud of myself so I made a goal that I would start to slowly conquer my fears. And I was successfully doing it and going on a trip by myself and being completely independent was one thing that I wanted to conquer.

So I went to Italy and I discovered how much determination and strength I had without really realizing it before.

And since it is the season of travelling I thought that I would share some things I learned about travelling, especially when alone, to make your trip perfect!


1. Travel as lightly as possible – Now I totally understand how it so hard to pack lightly but when you have to carry all your luggage by yourself you will appreciate it! I went for 3 weeks and packed everything into everything into a medium sized wheel-y suitcase and a backpack that I could also use for day trips.

2. Bring things to fill the time – I found that because I was alone and was only following my own timeline I moved quickly through many sights. Because of this I spent more time in my hotel room or at a restaurant than when I travelled with friends and so I brought a lot of books and projects to fill my alone down-time!

3. Know the basic language before you go – This can be for everyone, just not for people travelling alone. Even if you don’t know the language fluently, just a little knowledge will help you!
Extra: I heard suggestions from many people before I left, and when I was there I found that it was helpful to know how to say “I’m here with my boyfriend”. When travelling alone I never had a real big problem but I did have to use it once.

4. Stay calm and wait for the signs – Travelling by yourself can be scary but there will always be signs. Airports, train stations and cities will all have signs and I was really surprised on easy it was to find my way.

5. Be prepared but allow spontaneity – Again, it’s nice to be prepared and know where you are going when you are travelling by yourself but I found that the times that I just roamed a city and didn’t have a plan is when I found the most interesting things and had the most fun!

I definitely wouldn’t have believed this before I went on my trip but after I can  say that travelling alone, at least once in your life, is so important. It can be so scary but it has changed me so much and has really proved how much spunk I have!

Have you travelled alone? What did you think of it and would you do it again?


3 thoughts on “Travelling Alone.

  1. Excellent, well done! I travel alone every week Monday to Friday as I work abroad, but I must say, when my husband is with me the travel is definitely more fun!

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