All I can say is WOW!
Right when I stepped out of the train station I was hit with the wave of surreal-ness that came with visiting Venice.
Venice is really built on water! – you are always told that but it really is built on water.

Here a few photos but definitely not all of them…I just couldn’t fit them all in one post!IMG_1669Here is the view from the train station. You walk right out onto the Grand Canal.

You can jut smell the water (and thankfully it’s not the gross water smell) and although the city is a complete maze and you can get lost so easily, Venice is an experience that everyone should experience!


Ponte di Rialto

IMG_1618The whole city is like this and coming around each corner is a new and amazing world.
One thing I had to overcome is the fear of small alleys. Each walking street is the width of  one person and not all of them are always occupied with people.


Basillica di San Marco

I decided to pay for a walking tour of Venice and I’m so happy I did. First of all, it was good to follow someone who knew where they were walking since it is so easy to get lost in Venice but you also get to see so many other little things that are just as special as the Basillica di San Marco.

Even though the Basillica is amazing and special and a must-see, Venice holds so much other small treasures, such as the home of Marco Polo.

Venice was amazing and I think that after visiting this city I truly came out of my shell and felt comfortable being a solo traveller…

Next: Pisa, Florence and Rome!






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