Here is another update of my trip to Italy. It’s been awhile but I was just relaxing a friend’s house and there was nothing really to update. But I just came back from Verona and it was quite beautiful.

It was hard to push myself and once again go a new place…somewhere that I didn’t have an apartment or something that feels familiar. Staying at my friend’s apartment is comforting  but it takes quite a lot to leave.

But I kept one thing is mind and just dived head in: “Stay calm, be brave, wait for the signs”. It something my brother told me before I left for Italy and it stuck with me. So, I just took the whole thing one step at a time and followed the signs, literally and figuratively.

The whole city gives off a romantic feel but I’m not sure if that’s only because of the story that is connected with it.

If you don’t know, or you haven’t watched “Letters to Juilet”, Verona is where Juilet, from Romeo and Juilet by William Shakespeare lived and where her tomb now lies. It is amazing to go and see her home and the famous balcony although these famous stories also bring crowds and crowds of people, so don’t mind the many people blocking my photos.




Other than seeing Juilet’s home, I also passed by the Arena, which is similar but smaller than the Coliseum in Rome but just as cool a building.


Lastly, I saw Castelvecchio. When you think about it you have a picture of what a castle would look like in your mind and when you see this one, it really fits all the criteria. It is very impressive!




Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the outdoor theatre because I had to catch a train but I hear that it is beautiful and it would be really interesting to see an opera there!

All in all I was impressed but also disappointed with Verona. I love the story of Romeo and Juilet and their eternal devotion. I was so excited to see Juilet’s home and to kind of live her story along side her but with crowds of people it is hard to do this. It might sound silly, because everyone should experience the buildings, etc. but it was distracting and it was hard to enjoy the sights.

However, the other sights, the ones that aren’t connected to Juilet were really impressive and beautiful.

So it is with mixed feelings that I left Verona. I have wanted to go to Verona for years so it was disappointing when it didn’t live up to my expectations but the city was also very beautiful, filled with traditional pedestrian walkways.

Have you ever been somewhere that you built up in your mind but then slightly disappointing in the end?


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