Arriving In Italy





Arriving in Italy


Well I have officially arrived!
After a couple transfers I landed in Pisa to find that my luggage didn’t arrive with me. There was no information about my luggage and so I guess it was good that I planned on staying the night. So I went to the hostel that I booked and although they told me that they would be open, they didn’t answer the door. I didn’t know what to do.
I had tried to get in contact with the hostel but they didn’t answer.


My phone wasn’t phoning going through even though I got an international texting & phoning plan.
It’s 10 at night so I don’t know if other hotels will be open. And I didn’t have wifi so I couldn’t look up any hotels anyway!


What was I to do?


Luckily I was able to text my father and he gave the name of a hotel and its phone number. It was open! It had a room!
I took a taxi and got there as fast as possible. I was frustrated, I was extremely tired and I was ready for this to be over!
After a phone with my parents I became determined again to not let my frustration and disappointment get the better of me.


I went back to the airport the next day and my luggage had arrived! I picked it up, got to the train station and arrived in Lucca, Italy as fast as possible. In Lucca I had my friend’s apartment to stay at and I was just looking forward to be somewhere safe, even though my friend wouldn’t be there for a couple days.


Today I woke up feeling much better and much more rested. I ate breakfast and headed straight out to explore Lucca. It was amazing! The little streets full of boutiques and little stores.


Lucca is actually quite similar to Carcassonne, France. The old part of the city is completely surrounded by a wall that has a park on top the whole thing. You can walk around the whole thing and there is quite an amazing view.


I’m not sure what I will do next. I was able to see everything that was suggested on the tourism map in one day! And I’m not quite comfortable with eating out by myself so I just cook at my friend’s apartment.


Maybe I’ll head back to Pisa for a day since the train is pretty cheap and see the sights I had missed with my previous visit. Or I’ll try to get a ticket for the tourism bus so that I hear some things that I missed.


I am steal slightly confused and maybe let down with travelling by myself still. When I travelled with my family it seemed like we would walk and visit the sights for a whole day or multiple days! We seemed to fill the whole day but I can only fill a couple hours!


Am I not making enough of this trip?
Do I not know how to explore thoroughly or how to explore new places, alone?

P.S. here are some the pictures from Lucca, Italy. This city is gorgeous and deserves a visit.










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