The Scale: Is It A Pathological Liar?

First off, sorry for the late post. I try to get a post up on Friday but I had an exam so I just wanted to focus on that for now.

I went to the gym today and did something that I usually never do. I checked my weight on the scale.

Now let me give you some background information: ever since I can remember I have been the same weight. No matter the composition (body fat % vs. muscle %) I have been in the same 10lb range. Because of this I have never been worried about my weight. Of course that doesn’t mean I didn’t care! I did care but, at the same time, I also felt completely comfortable with my body and weight because it has always been the same.

So when I started my health kick and I started a new gym and a new weight lifting program, I didn’t look at my weight to start off and I didn’t look at my weight throughout. I only made sure to look at the changes in my body, and of me becoming more tone and fit.

But I had a moment of weakness. I noticed a lot of change in my body and thought to myself: “if this is the time that I have lost weight, than this the time to check”. So I checked. And to no surprise I am the same weight.

It really hit me how important self-love is compared to the scale because it really is different for every person. I know that I am working on myself and I am gaining more muscle and losing more fat but that doesn’t mean I lose overall weight. As long as I am happy with my progress and my mental growth, I am happy.


I am so happy!

I’m still working on myself and that may lead to weight loss but that isn’t my main goal. I continue to working on how tone I am and how healthy I feel. I work on my happiness and my confidence…and that is what makes me happy.


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