Book Review: Frankenstein

After focusing on myself for a while, I am back to reality and I have a book review for you! I have finished Frankenstein the book. To be honest with you, I tried starting this book 5 times but could never get started, but there you go!


All in all, I’m so surprised. I went in expected a big, green monster with bolts in his neck but it’s so different from that. Yes, he is brought back from the dead but the plot is so much more complex.

Victor Frankenstein (yah, the monster isn’t named Frankenstein, I was just as surprised!) creates the monster it was so that he can be worshiped. And the rest of the book is Victor trying to fix or, in his case, runaway from the problem (a.k.a. the monster).

Overall, it is a book that can drag on and on but it’s an interesting story and it’s cool to see the real story of Frankenstein.

So, if you’re into classical books or this Victorian time period you will like this first ever mystery/sci-fi novel.

Try it out, and let me know what you think,
Gwynne xx

I also have a question for you: what books should I bring on my holiday to Italy? I’m bringing my parents Kobo and want to fill it with lots of books!


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