How To: Stay Motivated

My hopes were always clear but the motivation is always lacking. Over the years I discovered ways that can keep me motivated that I hope will help you too.

1. Resolution or Goals.
One of the hugest things that made me motivated is when I changed my resolutions. Don’t choose the generic “I’m going to get fit” or eat healthy goal. These are awesome but are so large that they are hard to accomplish. Choose something more attainable, because that was goals are supposed to be? You are supposed to reach them and this will also allow you to get the great accomplishment feeling and ecstatic!

2. Corkboard of Awesomeness.
To be honest, I don’t know what else to call this. I mean, calling it a “motivational board” or “board of inspiration” is too boring, so call it what ever you want. Post anything that you want: an old picture of you to remind you where you started and to show how far you’ve come, inspiration of fashion, travelling, anything that you always wanted to do but never felt confident enough to do or even your ‘new-and-approved’ resolutions.


3. Personal Trainer.
This can seem like a weird one but I found that after going through a couple sessions with a personal trainer they made me enjoy working out. Not like I was truly “enjoying” the workout but knowing that a professional told me to do this workout and that they know what they are talking about, I became more motivated to go to the gym because I feel I would make a different.

4. Don’t Measure Yourself, or Use a Scale.
Personally, I have never lost weight since I stopped growing. Either way, if I was “bigger” or toner, I have always been the same weight. So checking the scale and being disappointed every time is obviously a silly thing the do. Also yes, a BMI chart is scientific and from professionals, but on a BMI chart I am considered very obese. But they don’t consider your body change, bone density or anything else that could make you a ‘heavier’ person even though you could be the healthiest person.

So to help motivate myself I avoided these things and stuck to seeing the change in my confidence and my fit in clothing, etc.


5. Reward Jar.
Lastly, that I also find the most motivating, is my reward jar. Decorating was fun as well. So I get rewards for myself. If I get through a week following my meal plan (allowing for a cheat day) and working out 3 times or more I put a coupon for a certain amount of money into my jar. I don’t put in too much and it fits in my monthly budget but it makes my budget worth it. It makes me happy to spend because I feel like I deserve it.

Anyway, these are the things that help to keep me motivated. But most importantly, love yourself and allow yourself to make mistakes *insert Mrs. Frizzle quote here*


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