Fail of the week…

So far, surprisingly, I have been taking this beating my fears thing pretty well! I went snowboarding again, after many years, and have gone to the gym by myself since I had set this goal for myself. This goal of conquering my fears…

But there’s another thing on my list that I needed and wanted to conquer. And I had decided to do it this week…
I had decided to go to a yoga class by myself. I knew that I had conquered the gym before so this is only the next step.


But it just didn’t happen this week. I had convinced myself that I would go but when the day came, there was just so many excuses that came into my head that stopped me. I don’t think these excuses had to do with over coming my fears so I kind of accepted them. At least I wasn’t allowing my fears to get in my way.

Even though it was a small thing, it was a difficult decision. I could beat myself up that I was “giving up”, but shouldn’t we always cut ourselves a little break? It just didn’t fit into my schedule, this week. Plus, it was only an extra workout, but maybe that is one of the reasons I so easily turned it down.

So, I have convinced myself that I will try it again. Try and fit it into my schedule better so that I can’t avoid it. This is just a little set back…

But when it comes to your weekly workouts also, not just extra workouts, how do you motivate yourself? Especially with how cold it is outside. Do you deal with these issues and how do you overcome them?


3 thoughts on “Fail of the week…

  1. Congratulation on overcoming your fear. You may need to try several different yoga teachers & styles till you get the one that suits you. Goal setting is always good but don’t be too hard on your self as we are all human after all. Just regain your focus through yoga & meditation & continue on your journey. Myself I set myself goals and work towards them one day at a time, slowly increasing the workload but always listen to your body:) Good luck!

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