Review: Warm Bodies

Disclaimer: I understand that this is an older movie but if you were holding out on watching it, like me, then go for it now.


To be honest, when watching the trailer I thought that it was going to be another silly movie; miss-able. Although, I heard that this movie was surprisingly good and funny, so I decided to give it a try. I was going in with low hopes (the lowest) but I was in the mood for that type of movie, so I was okay with it. I was ready for it.

And, yes I was pleasantly surprised! Not that the plot was unique or interesting but it was a successfully ‘feel-good’ movie. I can give it some credit with the interesting take on zombies not being the villains, and I’m glad it didn’t completely take the Twilight route. Having the “corpses” come back to life and helping to defend the humans from the “Boneys” does sound like the final fight in Breaking Dawn (not that I watched it or anything…) but there was some redeeming qualities that were different. So if you didn’t like Twilight you can still like this movie.

And not that I cry at all movies *sarcasm*, but at the end of this movie I did shed some tears. It had a good happy-ending that wasn’t ridiculously un-believable. I mean if you take away the zombies coming back to life part, it is just a movie where the guy is too “different” to impress the dad, but he comes around and they date happily ever after.

So if you are in the mood for just a feel-good movie that doesn’t need a unique or overly interesting plot, then this is a funny movie that can also make you shed the tears that are just wanting to leave, but just can’t.

P.S. John Malkovich, what more do you want!


4 thoughts on “Review: Warm Bodies

  1. I can join the list of people who went into this with a negative opinion, and came out with a very positive shock and surprise. Warm Bodies is a very fresh spin on both romance and horror. Well written review:)

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