X-mas Holiday Reading List.

This holiday is perfect for new beginnings and leaving the old behind to never haunt you again. It’s to learn from the past and move forward. Take the Christmas holidays to relax, to read and to enjoy family and friends. So that when you go back to school, or wherever you are going, you can start a new.


I always find that reading is a great way to “reboot” and distract from the hectic of holidays, and the other things nagging in your mind. Here is my reading list for the holidays:

1. February – By Lisa Moore – A Canadian novel, it is surrounded around the disaster of the sinking of the Ocean Ranger, off the coast of Newfoundland. The plot travels over many time periods however is centred around a mother who is widowed when her husband dies on the ring. It follows her life, with her children growing and after they move out. I enjoyed this novel, however I found some of it unrealistic. Obviously, all the historic facts are true but I found that the author didn’t convey the mourning and feelings of the characters.

2. Carried Away – This is book that I received for Christmas. It is a book of short stories by Alice Munro. All these stories were selected by Munro, and were her favourites. I’m not used to reading short stories but after reading a few of Munro’s, I found that it is just like reading a novel. Alice Munro’s short stories are so descriptive and have such an interesting plot that it doesn’t feel like just a chapter. I highly suggested short stories by Alice Munro if you want to get into short stories.

Let me know if you read this books, and let me know what you thought of them. I am interested in hearing what you think, as well as suggestion of other books.


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