This past Christmas holidays I decided to face one of my fears. A few years ago, my father, who has been snowboarding for many years, fell and broke him arm very severely. Now, my greatest fear, that I don’t know if I’ll get over, is the fear of pain. So I stopped snowboarding as well, even though I enjoyed it. Because seeing someone so close to me get hurt, even though it was just a simple broken arm, it hit my how easily this could happen to me.

The number of these types of fears increased until I had a list (spoken about in one of my previous posts). So over Christmas, since my family lives close to a Ski Hill, I decided to face this fear. I went snowboarding with my brother, who is still really confident.


My first few runs were a little shaky but my brother was a great teacher. To my surprise, it all came back to me. “Just like riding a bike”. After awhile I was confident enough for my brother to leave me to practice by myself and he went on to more difficult hills.

Surprisingly to me, I had so much fun and realized how much I missed this activity. All the actions came back to me. Of course I fell, but nothing serious and it occurred to me how I was stopping myself from doing something I enjoyed just because it was possible I might fall. The factor of “what if” can really debilitate but I realized how to focus on the stuff that you are missing and the “what if” just dissipates into the air.

So here’s to a holiday of overcoming fears.


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