Home for Christmas.

Well, I’m done exams and I am home for Christmas! I’m really happy to do be able to relax and see my family. This year, Christmas may feel a little weird because one of my brothers is living in Australia, but I get to see my other brother. Hopefully we can still keep the traditions alive.

I came home just yesterday and instantly went to cut down a tree. I love living in the country for the fact that we can cut down our own tree, just in our own backyard. We always find really large and luscious trees that hardly fit in our living room but the bigger the better! Over the many years of cutting down a tree, we have learned to do it as fast as possible. Walking deep in the snow can get you very cold, very fast and it is a firm possibility to get ‘soakers’. Our forests usually flood and our feet can fall right through into the cold water. However, we always have a very successful trip and pick the very best tree. The picture below is me cutting down our tree.

Christmas Tree

Decorating the tree was always my favourite part. With the fire going and the Michael Buble Christmas carols in the background. The mood and atmosphere is cozy and loving. When decorating the tree, we still have ornaments that my Dad made when he was in Kindergarten! It is a kind of mismatched tree but it’s familiar and kind of corky. There’s no presents yet, but like I said, my family is very last minute. They will be there Christmas Eve.

Decorated Tree

A tradition for me and my mom is going to the annual “Bag Sale” at a store in Sauble Beach. Sauble Beach is a beautiful town, during the summer, but barren and empty during the winter. At this “Bag Sale” you buy a bag for $20 and stuff it with as much clothing as you’d like. This picture is a picture of the beach from last year’s “Bag Sale” but you can see how deserted it is. During the summer, all the stores are packed but now there’s no people to be seen. There should be a tumbleweed!

Sauble Beach

Anyway, this is my holidays so far. I still hope to go snowboarding; I’m going to conquer my fears! And, of course, there will be Christmas and other parties. I won’t be writing about these since these are more private but I might also write about my holiday “reading list” and maybe a clothing haul that I will most probably do near Boxing Day. I mean, who doesn’t do that! Have to take advantage, right?


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